November 15 is GIS Day

Today you are going to explore ESRI StoryMap Apps created by ArcGIS Online. Soon, you will be using ArcGIS Online to create your own StoryMap Applications. After exploring the StoryMap Gallery, you will be creating a web page that shows your favorite example of the different types of StoryMaps.

First Visit a few samples of the Custom StoryMaps created by the ESRI StoryMap teams. The Maps that you will view under the Custom Tab are samples of a Story Map App that have been customized with JavaScript and CSS.

You can also search Story Maps by Subject or Industry category. Make sure that you press the RESET button each time that you want to start a new search.

Use the ESRI STORY Map Gallery portal to answer your questions:

Assignment for Web Design Students
Copy and paste the List of StoryMap Apps below into a web page. Save the Web Page. You will be sharing your favorite style of StoryMap App with the class in a presentation of your web page. Find a sample for each StoryMap App Style. Write the name of the map and provide a link to the map that opens in a _blank browser window. When you have a sample for each type of StoryMap App, decide which App that you will share with the class.

Create a new web page and name it GISday2016.html
Save the page in your web folder

You will be sharing ONE example of EACH type of storymap by making a link to the map, naming the map app, and including a short description of the map. Click here to see my example

Copy from here down to the end of the page and paste this worksheet into your web page.


ESRI ARCgis StoryMaps

List of Story Map Apps that I like:

1. Basic

2. Cascade

3. Crowd-source (Add information to your favorite crowd-source map)

4. Map Journal

Map Series

   5.  Bulleted Map

   6.  Side Accordion

   7.  Tabbed

8. Map Tour

9. Shortlist

Swipe and SpyGlass

    10. Swipe

    11. SpyGlass


12. My Favorite StoryMap or Favorite Custom Story map